Erlang User Conference in Stockholm on June 9-10, 2014

The largest European conference dedicated to Erlang -- the functional language behind WhatsApp's success -- will feature more than 50 talks on open-source applications, products and war stories from the community.

The keynotes will be delivered by Katie Miller, Lambda Ladies Co-Founder and OpenShift Developer Advocate, and by Stuart Bailey, CTO of Infoblox.

Speakers include: 'Seven Languages in Seven Weeks' author Bruce Tate, co-designer of Haskell and QuickCheck John Hughes, O'Reilly author Erik Stenman, Rakuten lead technologist Yosuke Hara, Feuerlabs Co-founder and Developer Advocate Ulf Wiger and many more.

Early Bird rates end on 9 May. Use the code 'LambdaLadies15' to get a 15 per cent discount on top of the Early Bird price.

For more info go to the Erlang User Conference website.