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The table below lists resources for learning more about functional programming and other useful subjects, which have been recommended by our members.

Name Medium Topics Language/s
Learn You A Haskell Online Book functional programming principles, Haskell syntax, algebraic data types, type classes, recursion, higher-order functions, functional I/O, functors, applicative functors, monoids, monads, zippers Haskell
Learn You Some Erlang Online Book functional programming principles, recursion, higher-order functions, functional thinking, concurrency, data structures, error handling Erlang
Elixir School Online Lessons Elixir syntax, functional programming principles, recursion, pattern matching, concurrency, actor pattern/OTP, metaprogramming Elixir
Twitter's Scala School Lecture Notes Scala, collections, pattern matching, polymorphism, types, SBT, concurrency, testing Scala
Introduction to Functional Programming with Erik Meijer Lecture Series functional programming principles, higher-order functions, recursion, side effects, types, type classes, parsing Haskell
Introduction to Haskell Lecture Series functional programming principles, static types, algebraic data types, type classes Haskell
Functional Talks Video Link Collection functional programming varies
Scala Resource Collection Blog Post Scala, functional programming Scala
FPish Forum functional programming, FP events, FP jobs F#, OCaml, Haskell, Clojure, Scala
Web Programming with Prolog Web Tutorial web programming Prolog
F# User Groups Listing meetups F#

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